Is my power supply faulty or is it something else?

Let me start by saying that I really like your Youtube stuff and thanks to you I decided to go back into the DIY scene.

Long story short, my PS4 pro died recently and I decided to fix it after watching one of your videos, I was right on guessing it was the power supply, somehow it got infested with roaches, and it seemed like an easy fix, the problem is, after a couple days after installing the part, my system dies very often, if I leave it on rest mode, I come back to it being completely dead, the only thing that fixed it was unplugging it and waiting several hours, as of right now, that method doesn’t last anymore, it used to last enough to get a few matches in overwatch, but now it dies after trying to do anything with it.

I was reading in the forum and I’ll re open it and take pictures of the motherboard and completely clean off the board maybe there’s roach crap on it, I’ll also re apply thermal paste even though it didn’t look too dry I feel like it will let me see the chip, it might be damaged, is there anything else that could be, I can’t get access to another power supply at the moment, the new one I have I got it from Ebay.

Thanks in advance and if I cant fix it I will definitely try sending my unit to y’all.

Are there still roaches around and in the PS4? If there is they could have gotten into the power supply again.

No, no roaches anymore, I made sure to completely clean around where I keep the system and to clean the system itself, I’m about to re open it up and triple check for roaches, and to clean that motherboard, and apply the thermal paste, I’ll update this post when I’m finished. Thanks.

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Before I opened it up I decided to plug it again and it works, like I said, it’s not a power supply that’s completely faulty, I just don’t know what is making it power off randomly, no roaches around it seems.

There’s a few things that you can check with a console that’s powering on fully then back off at some point later (this goes for all game consoles, but especially the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X):

  1. Be 100% sure that the power cable is plugged in fully to the back of the console and also fully into the wall outlet.
  2. Plug it directly into the wall and not into a power strip.

If you’ve done both of those then it’s really just down to a faulty power supply OR something else in the console that’s causing the problem.

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I will return my power supply to the EBay seller, is there an online store that you recommend when buying parts, if not, how much will it cost me to get it from you guys?

We don’t sell parts. I recommend EP Game Supply.

I’m not saying that the power supply you got was bad…it might nor be…I’m just saying that’s a possibility.