Is The PS4 Pro Dual Voltage?

Hi ! I Bought one in Japan a CUH7200B the outside and the manual says it runs on 100V volts only. I’ve read some forums saying ps4/ps4pro have universal voltage that can play 100-220 v

I’m gonna go back to my country that uses 220v :expressionless: Can Somebody confirm if it can run on 220v and not blow up ?

Look on the ps4 itself, electric specs are stamped or have a very serious tag, “IF it says 100V- 220V” :eyes: you are fine no need to worry. Many times manuals are written poorly due to a language gap or the info just isn’t transferred from the engineering/manufacturing to the marketing dept. (which is usually in charge of the writing of the paper materials) Electrical compliance, from a manufactures perspective, its a big safety issue, liabilities etc.
If the box is stamped or tagged only 100V :face_with_monocle: but does not specifically state that it CANNOT run on 220V - I believe you are fine.

My research has told me that Sony is only stating 100V as a deterrent from purchase, because they don’t want to lose money, on units sold in other countries.

Some info I came across on another forum, I read ALL the comments of course but there are two that really stand out, one who purchased in japan and works on a ship using 220V just fine :smiley: and one by the original poster of the same question you have, states that it is indeed working on 240V in the UK. :+1:

If you are unsure still…hopefully someone on this forum with 1st hand empirical data can provide you with an answer you can feel comfortable with. Please come back and let us know what happens so we can all learn from your experience.

Thank you! So far the info that I’ve gathered including yours are leaning towards the unit having dual voltage.

I actually took a screenshot of your video tearing down the latest 7200 series. On the power supply it has two list of the ac input 100-170 v and 200-240 v.

But I really have to grow a pair and test it out when I go back to my country hahaha!

In addition, I have confirmed from my friend that the older 7000 series does work on 100- 220 V.

If you read the Playstation 4 Technical Specifications - Wikipedia->Power Usage section-> 1st sentence states, “The PS4 is powered via an internal wide voltage range (110–240 V AC 50 Hz/60 Hz) switched-mode power supply.” Footnote 72 follow that link to bottom of page and then to the step 15 referenced there. :face_with_monocle:

Finally you could watch a TronicsFix youtube video number C-NtrubxPPE at minute 2:03 and freeze it. :eyes: :grin: Steve has removed a CUH7200B power supply which clearly states 100V-127V at 3.5A 50/60Hz and 200V-240V at 1.7A 50/60Hz. :gem: I would bet gold that this is definitive positive empirical data that factually supports that your machine will indeed run on 200V,220V,240V at 50/60Hz and not blow up, in fact will run very well.

Your honor…I rest my case.:mortar_board::scroll:

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I’ll be back with the final verdict!

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As already stated it’s dual voltage…ALL PS4’s are dual voltage.

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Hi…you need a transformer mate, your choices are limited regarding a suitable one don’t buy those cheap and nasty ones off eBay. check the wattage on the back of the Ps4 or current consumption to make sure your tranny is man enuf.

NO you don’t need a transformer. ALL PS4’s are dual voltage.

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Hi…I thought the “region” thing was only for games. For example if a guy from Japan come to America and buy a game, he would not be able to play in his “japanese” PS4 back in Japan. I know PS4 wont have games region limitations, but i dont think the voltage has nothing to do with it. I am from Brazil and the voltage there is either 110v or 220v, all i need to know if is the PS4 sold in america will support both of these voltages.

Hi Guys! Sorry if this reply is long overdue lol

Ps4 Pro does have dual voltage. Confirmed. I have been using it here for 6 months without any trouble. Case Closed :joy:.

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