Is there a difference between the Nidec fans for the Pro? Specifically g95c12ms1aj-56j14 VS g95c12ms1cj-56j14

So I’ve set out to build the quietest PS4 Pro I can, but I’m missing one crucial detail and I could really use some help.

I have a CUH-7216B model that I bought fresh out of the store which came with a Delta fan (which is not extremely loud, but it does get noisy from time to time). I’ve already ordered some Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and Thermal Grizzly Minus 8 Pads. I replaced the stock 1TB HDD with a 1TB Kingston A400 SSD, and until the thermal paste and pads arrive, I’m trying to figure out what to do about the fan.

I’m asking this question because I initially thought all Nidec fans were created equal, and I went to a local PS4 repair shop and got myself a Nidec fan, but it’s a g95c12ms1aj model.

The confusion started when I saw these two listings:



Just add ebay dot com before the forward slash, I’m putting it like this so the post doesn’t get removed

In the description, the guy selling them says that the g95c12ms1Aj model is only for the 70xx and 71xx, while the g95c12ms1Cj model is for 72xx, but they look absolutely identical. I spent a good half an hour comparing the two and I have yet to find a difference.

Has anyone had experience with this? I’m asking as I haven’t torn open my ps4 pro yet, and I would like to avoid finding out that the part I got is incompatible through trial and error when I eventually tear the thing apart.

Absolutely any advice is welcome! I would love to hear what you guys think.

They should work the exact same. Also, I wouldn’t recommend using thermal grizzly kryonaut. It works really well for about 6 months then my ps4 started getting louder than the console was with all the dust and stock paste/pads

How is that? I’ve been using it in my laptop for about two years now (just blowing out the dust every 2-3 months) and I’ve yet to have an issue with it.

Also thanks for the reply!

Not sure, but after about 6 months it was consideriably louder than my ps4 with the stock paste. I never had any good results with it.