Is there a way to restoring a hacked Switch back to stock?

Hi Everyone,

I recently bought a dead switch and replaced the LCD connector (broken pins) but the LCD was still black (Backlight worked). I then realized that the Switch was in RCM mode…

Is there a way to make the switch back to stock/normal? I’m not interested to use a hacked Switch that requires a PC to boot it up every time…

I found this guide and youtube link but I’m not sure if it’s solving my problem…But I think for sure there is someone here that could help me answer that question :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks in advance!

I would first try to inject a hekate payload and check if autoRCM is active.
If so, You should disable it.
From the hekate bootloader I would check the fuses and try to launch ‘Stock(SysNand)’.

If the Switch boots up in original firmware I would recommend to stay offline with the Switch to avoid a possible ban.

Hi and thanks for the respond Calvin.
I followed the guide in the link from my first post and now are my switch back to stock 100% and it can be used as normal, signed in and downloaded things from the E store without any issues.