Is there alternative for canned air

Is there alternative for canned air I’ve heard some people say super glue adhesive may work

Canned air not available in my country so I want alternative

I want to use it for controller joystick drifting

Thanks in advance

I’m not really sure what you mean by this… super glue is certainlly not an alternative for canned air, one is air the other is an adhesive :slight_smile: and super glue is of no use in a stick drift situation.

canned air or contact cleaners etc etc do not fix stick drift (contrary to what the youtubers say or the products claims on the back of the can) the cause of stick drift is as a result of the carbon trace being worn away as a result of the pins (wipers) - so you have to replace the joystick (or potentiometer if removable separately)

And to the people who claim these solutions work then I assure you it’s temporary, contact cleaner (which is essentially just an oil) turns the worn carbon dust into a sludge which temporarily fills in the voids with a now conductive paste, but it will ultimately spread out and the void will re-reveal and in turn drift will once again resume.