Is this a fake?

I’m not an expert at determining the authenticity of a ps4 controller but this one can’t be official the battery itself looks sketchy, the joysticks aren’t the usual Alps brand nor do they look properly soldered in place. it is supposedly one of the newer models but last I checked the share and option button is mounted to the frame this one isn’t. It was bought online and is supposedly new yet has an issue where it disconnects often. Everything tells me this is a fake, however, I have assumed this before on another controller that turned out to be authentic so I just want to confirm.

Also the light is way brighter than my other known official controllers it’s shining straight through the case

Yeah that definitely doesn’t look legit

I have taken apart many new model ps4 controllers and that does not look like one
also I did some searching and that is not what the sticker should look like
this is what the sticker should look like

this is most likely a fake

The other controller I had that I thought was fake that wasn’t had a sticker like that as well so the sticker is official but it isn’t on straight so my guess is someone pulled it off an official controller and stuck it onto this one.

what does the charge board look like

this is what the charge board should look like. i cant really find any big differences
PS4 Controller Charging Port Replacement | Electronics Repair And  Technology News

The big differences is the battery left is official right isn’t

The circuitry inside the touch pad looks different as well, left is official right isn’t

this is probably a fake though it could be a real one with fake replacement parts

Doesn’t all official circuit boards have the PS symbol on them somewhere? this one doesn’t not to mention the bad solder job I believe this is completely fake if anything is official it’s the case and buttons.
Here’s the front and back of an official controller

Here’s the fake

Here’s the bad solder job again this time I shined a light under to help highlight it

yeah this is completely fake

The brightness is ridiculous this 600mAh battery is going to die in quickly 20210119_214040|375x500

it is sad that that light is brighter than my cell phone flashlight

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Lamo yeah it definitely outperforms my phone’s light as well, hmm now I wonder if I could rig up a flash light with this.

the reason it has problems with disconnecting is probably because that light is sucking all the power from that battery. i wonder how it would work with a official charge board and battery.

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Hmm that could be worth trying I don’t expect it to last long but if I could get a little use out of it then I’ll be happy.