Issue that nobody else seems to have?

I have searched and searched, it doesn’t seem anyone else has a similar problem that I can find. But I’m sure someone has had this issue. I’m hoping so anyways so I can figure out what the issue is.

I have a day 1 original ps4. It has been played almost daily since purchased. I started having issues at the start of this year. The ps4 had been sitting for about 4-5 months (only time it was not used daily as I had to focus on school), when I tried turning it back on after school was over it wouldn’t work. Wouldn’t even turn on. I tried booting it in safe mode, and it finally worked. Since then it’s been the same issue every time I turn it on. I turn it on, there’s no signal on tv and a solid blue light. I have to hold down the power button until it beeps. I turn it back on, it repairs the external HD, then it works. I start a game, the game crashes (black screen, ps4 still sounds like it’s on with a solid blue light). I then have to hold the power button down and repeat the process. This happens 2-6 times usually, and then is completely fine for the remainder of the night.

I have tried re-initializing the HD or whatever it is called, the ps4 is not overheating (new thermal paste and added airflow to the case). I have lived with this since January, the ps4 still works, I just have to “let it warm up”. Usually if I start it and let it sit for about 30 mins it’s fine. Super weird, not sure what the issue could be. I was thinking psu or hdd.

Does anyone have an idea of what it is, or has had the same issue. Thanks!

have u ever replaced the hard drive? do u feel like your system is slowing down at any point on menu? try to tight a little bit more screws on cpu clamp (the one on top of metal frame)…

I have not tried replacing the hard drive. I can try tightening the clamp screws and see if that fixes it. I assumed it wasn’t the problem cause it does in fact work, but it could make it work on first press I suppose.

Ya it definitely feels slow to run through the OS menu

I’ll try the clamp and see

I’m going to try putting in a new ssd too. If it doesn’t fix it I’ll just use it for my pc, but I’m curious if that’s the problem.

well, if it feels slow, then your hard drive needs to be replaced, probably that will solve your problem. 99% sure.

Im suspecting a BLOD precursor here - if the box doesnt work well when cold but seems to work ok when warmed up it may be that the solder balls under the APU are making intermittent contact and are better when things expand due to the heat.

I would be inclined to try the BLOD fix and see if that improves things - I doubt its your drive.



I replaced the hdd with a new ssd. It appears to have solved the problem so far, but time will tell.
I don’t know necessarily if its when it “warms up” it fixes itself, it’s just weird how it eventually starts to work. Could be that the HD itself warms up?

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it is possible was the spinning drive - I have come accross systems that having been left idle for a long time ( or even switched on constantly for a long period) that when you try and reboot the drive is not happy.
I have never heard of a drive needing to warm up but hey there is always a first time for everything and if replacing the drive with an ssd has resolved the issue that kind of proves your point.
nicely done and im adding this to my list of possilble causes :stuck_out_tongue: