Issues with Original PlayStation

Hello, I have a client’s PlayStation and he stated it is overheating and shuts off. He did not really confirm it was overheating though. Anyways I have replaced the thermal pads with 0.5mm pads from Arctic and thermal paste from Arctic, which seems to be really hot still and the fan has a griding noise and gets really loud, so loud it vibrates. Also the console when booted on, will say it can’t start up and wants me to install firmware. When I try to do it, the console says it can’t.

have you tried replacing hdd? also if the fan is noisy probably could be damaged…

Haven’t replaced the HDD yet, sounds normal. Might be it though. The fan sounds like the bearing is damaged.

could be many things, you have to start trying from simple solutions…

Will try replacing the fan. Ordered on. Will update

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Replaced fan with a new fan, works perfectly and is quiet!

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