Joy Con attachment issue

Hi guys new here but I have realised this may be the most relevant place to ask the questions I have.

I have a Left Joy Con that won’t attach to the console, it will charge when connected and does the audible click and visual slider attachment animation when I attach it, but the console does not recognise that the controller is actually connected to it.

What part of the Joy-Con enables the console to read it being connected? I have tried other Joy-Con and they connect to the switch fine, it’s just this one that isn’t connecting properly.

Have you been using a RCM jig? If so pin 10 could be slightly bent stopping data passing between the joycon and the console.

Negatory on the RCM Jig

It seems that the console cannot detect the Joy Con attached to the console.

Would this have anything to do with the ribbon cable that drives the SR/SL cables?

probably not. They are a seperate ribbon cable from the joycon attachment one.

The way the joycon works is as follows:
when seperate from the console but already registered they communicate via bluetooth. When you connect back to the console the bluetooth stops and the joycon talks to the console via serial.

To do this the joycon rail has a 10 pin connection which mates with a 10 pin connection on the console. The console has a ribbon cable that goes to a connector on the motherboard. Have you had the console disassembled? If so the cable could be disconnected or loose.

Assuming the console and joycon don’t have a fault then that leaves the joycon ribbon cable going to the side of the joycon or the console rail with ribbon cable going to the motherboard.