Joy-Con battery plug doesn't work

When I was replacing the case of my right joy-con, I noticed that it completely stopped connecting to switch. I put it in the rail, and after a few seconds, switch started to recognise the joy-con, altough it said that it had no battery. So I left it to charge for the night, but at the morning it still said that battery was dead. So I opened the joy-con once again, and tried to use battery from joy-con that was fully functional. It turns out that both batteries worked fine, and were fully charged. I think the problem might be in the battery slot/plug (socket? I dunno how it’s called). I tried cleaning it with vodka, but it didn’t do much. I compared how the plug looks in my functional joy-con, and the non functional one, both were right joy-cons. There doesn’t seem to be any noticable difference, altough I am not that fammiliar with electronics. I don’t want to hide it, it is possible that I broke the plug when removing the battery during case replacement. Do you guys know what can I do to fix this?

I’d upload a screenshot, but the page doesn’t let me do it. Can you guys tell me how do I upload one here?