Joy Con SR button + 4th LED not working

I’ve got a joy con that was rage ripped apart by a 300lb gorilla. So far I’ve donated to it a battery, slider, SL/SR button board, SL/SR FPC connector and few other random bits. It’s almost back to working but the SR button and the 4th LED aren’t working. I’ve tried several button boards and verified the SR button press sends 1.78 volts down its trace on the motherboard. The trace I lose into the bluetooth module so I assume it goes into the chip. The LED string oddly lights up the first 3 like the 4th never existed. I would assume if it was trying to light it up there would be a delay between the 3rd light and going back to the 2nd light but there isn’t one. Is this a faulty bluetooth module? I’m going to give it a reflow but if anyone has any other insight I’d appreciate it.

For any poor fool like me spending too much time on a freaking joy con and has this problem, a reflow of the bluetooth chip fixed it.