Joycon rail replacement went wrong (screen plastic ribbon cable lock broke)

when trying to reasemble it, i broke the top part of the plastic lock that the screen cable goes in.

My switch has sound and I can hear the touchscreen working.

I tried fixing the cable with isolation tape, and it worked just fine. But when i fully reasembled the console it was not working anymore, and still not works even after a opened it up again.

There is a way to attach the top plastic part? Nothing broke it just flew off

No not really, you have to replace the Connector.
All “fixes” will sooner or later fail.

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Do you know how dangerous is for keeping it strongly taped?
I wish i could give it for some technician but i cant afford it right now

Other thing i want to ask: I have access to a cellphone repair of a friend of mine, that he let me uses his tools. Can I do this replacement for my self? I dont now much besides youtube videos

cheap solution
1.cut out white flip lock nipple on each side
2. attach flip lock back and align all pins when putting back
3. put one layer kapton tape on backside(non gold finger side) to increase thickness
4. insert ribbon cable and lock the flip lock.
5. use sticky/kapton tape to stop any movement from flip lock and ribbon cable.

Ultimate solution: replace the connector by exp. tech

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It’s probably not dangerous, but when the console is shaked or dropped there is a good Chance the cable will become lose again

thanks, ill buy some kapton tape and do it for now. Later ill go for some tech

good news: I manage to do a good way to holding the cable down using some isolation tape to make pressure and a lot of kapton tape to fasten it all. But I have another thing to ask, im scared if that connection can heat up because of all that kapton tape. Im so afraid that i feel it heating up in that area, but i can be just my imagination.

So i ask, can kapton tape heat up that connection?

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I dont think it will get dangerously hot but Hard to Tell, Best is if you have a Thermal camera or laser Thermostat

The only time I have had it get hot is when there were two shorted pins. Under normal conditions I dont think it should get hot at all.

if the latch is gone and no [adequate] pressure is being applied to the contacts it will in turn result in losses which will in turn result in excess heat… ultimately it will burn itself out eventually.

I recommend replacing the connector, if you have no experience doing so then practice on scrap boards elsewhere first before tackling.