Joys Cons not charging - Fan works


Hoping someone can help. Nintendo Switch isn’t charging either Joy Con. We’ve tried other Joy Cons and these have tested ok in another console.

When we’ve seen this before, we’ve found it to be the fan which when faulty must cause a short on a shared circuit. The fan however is fully functional. I’ve tried replacing anyway, still the same.

Nothing seems to be heating up out of the ordinary. Checked diode readings around M92T36 and BQ24193 just as they’re common to go and all seems OK.

Any advice?


Thanks - We’ve searched the forums already and couldn’t find anyone with the same issue.

In our case, the fan still works. We’ve replaced PU IC for 5v line anyway but they still don’t charge.

Any suggestions?

Hmm can you measure the resistance to ground on that rail, just to see if it’s short or open

Can’t actually believe this. Turns out it was the side rails. How do both rails, stop charging, at the same time?

Perhaps I should’ve tried sooner.

Thanks for your time and reading!

Gald you got it sorted :+1:

Depends what the fault was on either of the side rails, if one was shorting the primary voltage rail out for example then that would cause your issues.

also forgot to mention, if the cause was a short on the JC rail, you can unscrew the rail, then poke the steel dowel out so you can gain access to the contacts in order to clean :+1: