Keyboard connector with corrosion

Hi from Germany!
I am new here!
First of all: I am deeply inspired by tronicsfix videos and fixes on facebook - i really love to watch him fix all kind of stuff… so i started my own attempts with some mobile phones and laptops which I bought on ebay… I must say that my equipment is not that good, therefore I want to ask you for an advise. In the picture below you see a connector from a macbook keyboard with some corrosion which I tried to remove as goog as possible with isopropanol and some cleaning equipment… the two tiny legs with corrosion are not connected to their base anymore. So here is my question: do you think it is possible to reconnect the two legs with an rework station (or soldering iron)? I do not own one yet, but maybe this will be a good reason to buy own… Or is there still to much corrosion? Before starting I wanted to have an opinion from experts… or maybe you have some good tips to remove more of the corrosion first…
It would be great to hear some opinions!

Best regards, Hauke

okay, I tried different ways to post the pictures but it seems that as a new member i am not allowed to post in any way

Imagehost (dot) com :+1:

you can host the images offsite and link to them.

if you think you have too much corrosion still, you probably have too much corrosion still. you could try to remove the connector or component in question, clean under it, then reattach the component. you can always run new traces using tiny wires to an area that is not corroded and damaged, as long as you are 100% sure that you have the intended trace for that leg.

as far as tools, a decent soldering station with temperature control is a must have for electronics work. a decent reflow station is nice to have too. solder wick and a solder sucker are also quality of life items. its a lot of stuff up front, but if you buy decent stuff and take care of it, it will last you a long time. and if you are interested in repairing electronics, its more of an investment than a frivolous buy.

i hope you get the image issue sorted as im curious to see how bad it is and if we can help you fix it! cheers!