L2 Moves Character Forward In Games

So I’ve seen that people have the same issue as me and there is no fix for the issue, well the issue is to do with the PS4 controller and the l2 and l3 because when I press l2 it registers it as I moved the l3 up so when ever I press l2 my character in call of duty or other games moves forward.

Ive come across these many times and was always able to fix it by swapping the conductive film

Is it possible if u could send a picture of the conductive film

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Yes, though it really is different with every controller there is a number imprinted on them

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Yh but i don’t understand how that supposed to fix my l3 because that’s just a motherboard for the buttons not the analog sticks

The thing is the signal passes through there, on the top part even l3 and r3

Oh ok thanks for the help I really appreciate it👍

Yeah don’t mention it, love helping people