Laptop USB type A ports suddenly stopped working

I have an ASUS rog G531GD and today all the USB Type A ports are not working( would not detect/recognize anything ), there are 3 usb type a ports on this laptop and they’re all located side by side with each other, I checked the driver if there’s any error but none found so far, so I believe it has to be the hardware.

The scenario is when I tried plugging in anything to the ports the laptop won’t recognize it, those includes mouse and usb flash drive, any ideas on what approach should I take for a fix?

Although the driver isn’t reporting any error it doesn’t mean it’s not bad.

Uninstall the driver via device manager, and then scan for hardware changes. Let Windows reinstall the driver and see if that brings them back to life

I recommend to you to boot on a live linux such as Ubuntu to discard the hardware problem.