Laser Lens Cleaner (disc)

I have this laser lens cleaning disc. I was curious if this type of cleaning disc is something TronicsFix would use? I think it is supposed to clean the laser lens using two small brushes that sweep the lens as the disc spins. I don’t know if this cleaning technology is still marketed and sold or if it has lost favor within the repair community.

If it is a valid cleaning tool for PS1-PS4 I would like to know otherwise it will be disposed as another obsolete tool for old/low tech CD/DVD/Video Game disc devices.

If this is an obsolete tool please tell me your goto cleaning method, solutions, devices etc.

I personally wouldn’t use it because I don’t think it would really do anything. Generally speaking I just replace the laser if it’s not reading since I have to have it all apart anyway. That being said I have used 99% IPA and a q tip to clean them before with success.