Lcd pin bent, no image after replacing

Hello. I got a nintendo switch with a bent pin in the middle of the lcd connector. The pin was pushed in by the lcd flex, and the console had been powered on in this state.

I have now replaced the lcd connector 2 times, but not once has it given an image, the back light turns on and you can tell that it has booted up by how the backlight turns itself off and on. I am 100% sure that the lcd connector is soldered correctly, I have replaced two of them in the past and both worked on the first try. This time I swapped it 2 times since the first one ended up bent after inserting the flex various times, but it was a perfect installation and the lcd flex had gone in correctly the first couple of tries. This second one is still perfect, all pins are soldered and no shorts.

Is there a chance something got permanently damaged by the first bent pin jammed inside the connector? Any way I could get this running?

The lcd has been tested with a working board, and it works. So definitely something to do with this board.

Thanks for any help

You could have shorted the LCD driver. The bd8316gwl ic to the left of the LCD connector should have + and - 5 volts

Based on your board revision you might have choke filters installed which goes to the connector.
They are simple coils, should have lines going thru without shorting to each-other.
Yours will be right between LCD connector and CPU.
Same we have near P13USB IC.

Thanks for the replies. The client came for it before I could test any of your solutions. They didn’t want to wait for a diagnosis. I guess that’s why it came in with a bent pin in the first place. Thanks anyways!