LCD ribbon cable connector missing clip or latch


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I would like to know how to reconnect the switch led ribbon cable connector lock or hatch. Mine detached and I spent 2 hours trying to put it back in place and i failed. Is there any videos or a way or a hack to make the screen work without that hatch or clip. I dont have any skill soldering or any equipment so if you or anyone has an idea or can point me to a video i will appreciate .


Quite simply bud you’ve got no chance, they’re virtually impossible to put back on in one piece and/or without damaging the pins (especially without a microscope)… best you could possibly do is snap one of the “ears” off one side (white section) which will enable you to get the latch back on and enable at least some downward force to be applied from the contacts to the ribbon…which will work… but with that being said I don’t reccommend doing this as it could cause issues later on down the road (high contact resistance etc)

I’d take it to someone who knows how to solder and just swap the whole connector out, will take less than 5 mins from someone in the know :+1:


Thanks the problem is that every shop i called there is a minimum $80 fee. It seems like its time to get an used one and sell this one for parts.

I will keep calling other repairs shops and hopping someone will do it. I dont mine paying up $30.

Crossings my fingers. Btw thanks for your advice.