Learning to solder

Any tips or links you could provide to start learning to handle the finer repairs we see you do on Youtube?

There are lots of YouTube videos that show how to do most any soldering you’d like to do. For really good practical tips have a look at Louis Rossman’s channel and Jessa Jones’ channel. Other than that just get in a practice.

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Thanks for the recommendations. I thought I read somewhere that you were thinking about doing some classes online or some kind of course we can subscribe to. Did anything come out of that? I for one would enthusiastically hand over money for it :wink:

I’ve been considering it but haven’t done it yet. I have to find the time for it but would love to do it.

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Well if you ever want to know anything about laserjet or thermal printers, I’m your girl. I came into this career a little later in life, but I am thoroughly enjoying what I consider to be Legos for grown ups. Thanks for the content you put out. I love watching your troubleshooting process.

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Hi, I am new too!

The following is my favorite video for soldering 101. Try it, you wont regret it.

Hmm, apparently cant post links. Lookup “How to repair bridge and excess solder” on youtube. It is by a channel named “Androkavo”. Dont let the name mislead you, this is a great tutorial on soldering.

Note: In the middle of the video it talks about proper sponge use and oxidization. Critical to mastering soldering and keeping your tips healthy.


Just wanted to update you and let you know that I finally made the beginner soldering course: