LED replacement

Hi there,

I have a Switch that had some liquid damage around the LED, and it appears it’s damaged. Are there any replacement LEDs available?

I also have a donor board available if needed, but I’m wondering if I can transplant the LED with hot air (or would that damage the LED)?

Oh, one more question; would the switch work if I just remove the LED completely?


What do you meant with LED? The display?

Doh, I read somewhere it was a led. Turns out I mean the ambient light sensor (BH1603FVC).

Would still like to know what would be the best way to transplant that component though, and if the switch would work without it.


Ah, ok. The ambient light sensor is only soldered by its six legs. If you apply leaded solder and drag it over the three pins of both sides you should be able to lift the ic.

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