Left joy com not charging

Hi I have changed the joycon stick on my daughters switch now it won’t charge it will connect to switch and play ok but dead as soon as it’s removed, I have replaced battery I have also replaced shoulder buttons ribbon and now have replaced rail, I know it’s not the switch as my sons joy con will charge on it, I have tried reset and charging from dock and cable , it shows the switch and the right Jc charging but the left shows a tiny bit off battery and no charging , I have tested battery and it’s fully charged , any ideas ?

Does the fan come on during heavy gameplay?


Yes it works fine and the switch will charge a different joycon,

When disconnected from the console, when hitting a button do the status LEDS light up?

No mate , I have changed the ribbon with the leds on and have also replaced the rail as well

hmm might be worth measuring the battery voltage on the joycon board itself and making sure it’s making it to it’s destinations, i believe there’s testpads coming off the battery traces from memory but I’ll find a photo to check

I haven’t got a Joy Con board in front of me so i could be wrong but afaict you should be measuring positive battery voltage at the point highlighted in red.

Again, i could be completely wrong, but it’s possible they’re treating the resistor highlighted in blue as a fuse, so if you weren’t getting a voltage reading at the previous point it’s possible the resistor has failed open

Take all that with a grain of salt though, i have not yet documented anything about the Joy Cons

Ok thanks I shall check tonight when it’s not getting used and report back

I suspect the resister/ fuse is blown I have voltage 4.13 on incoming and nothing the other ! Should I bridge it out with solder I don’t think I have the skill set to replace it even though I have hot air station !!!

I was just guessing it’s a zero ohm resistor or a fuse, might be worth double checking on your other joy con before doing anything, just remember to disconnect battery before measuring resistance.

Ah dunno, it’s up to you that one, it evidently served it’s purpose in this instance, if you bridge it with a wire or solder you’ll lose this protection in the future.

you could use an iron instead of the gun if your worried, might be worth a try first. (just remember to disconnect battery before)