Left Joy-Con Charging Issues

Hello all,

I’ve had some issues with my left joy-con for about a year now but I’ve recently noticed that they started getting worse and I’m hoping someone can shine some light on what could be done. Here’s the issues I’m running into:

  • Left joy-con runs out of battery faster than the right
  • It starts giving me “Low battery” warnings about 2-4 hours before it dies, while the right one will give me a warning about 1 hour before
  • Depleted the battery on the joy-con yesterday and set both to charge on a docked console overnight — the right joy-con was fully charged but the left one still said low battery. Also when connected to the console, it doesn’t charge the joy-cons anymore.
    Could this be a battery issue?

I have no connectivity issues whatsoever when they’re connected to the console or used wirelessly. I recently disconnected/unpaired the controllers from my console and paired them again but that didn’t start the charging process. Also tried updating the controllers but it says they’re up to date. I don’t use this console on a regular basis since I work and study and overall it looks almost brand new, I’d say…

PS: I also sent the joy-cons to Nintendo twice last year for another issue and they sent them back both times saying they couldn’t replicate the issue so I’m not sure if I want to send them in for “repairs” again lol

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance!

Sounds like you got a bad battery there mate and possibly a bad sensor you can get new boards and batteries online so the joycon’s are pretty easy to fix just don’t let those springs inside fly off you’ll never find em if they do

Thanks mate, do you know where I can buy an affordable replacement battery, other than Amazon? I’m in Canada btw. Also can you please expand as to what sensor you think is bad?

Likely a power sensor I haven’t done much board work yet but I have seen plenty of batteries go bad and it’s usually either a power sensor or the battery itself I myself can’t narrow it down precisely a multimeter can help tronicsfix might also have some video’s that will help I learned what I know from building and tearing down old pc’s I just went into console’s a few years back

Hope it’s ok to bump this post for anyone else to pitch in. (Issue is getting worse every day now)

In general, is it easier to replace the sensor or the battery? Easier considering costs of parts, time spent, etc.

I don’t know for sure, but I just fixed my right joycon that wouldn’t connect wirelessly or charge. My problem was that the ribbon cable that connected the SL and SR buttons was damaged, I just happened to replace it when I saw how dented the ribbon was. There are cheap replacements around amazon

You can get em cheap on ebay too