Left side of switch not staying synced with left joycon

Hi, I got a nintendo switch used from a pawn shop a while ago. It was in rough shape when i got it, including that someone had let a dog chew on it. I was able to get new joycons to replace the old ones recently (the old ones were a lost cause) but found iut that the left side does not want to stay synced when the joycons are clicked in. My husband and i went over it, cleaned it, and tried again. He noted that the left side of the console is loose. Is there a simple way to fix it without having to semd it in? Its far past warranty most likely and since im not the original owner i wouldn’t have it to begin with. Thanks in advance!

Replacing the joycon rails isnt too difficult as you dont need to take out the board to do it. But it still involes handling tiny ribbon cables and you dont want to break the connector on the board.

Okay. I did get a kit to replace the rails and analog sticks for my joycons before finding out how bad they really were, are the rails similar to those or is there something more specific?

The rails are the metal parts down the side of the console that the joycons slide on to. You could try cleaning the connectors with IPA first, but if the joycon is loose when connected it may be damaged. They are not expensive to buy.

Okay I’ll have to look into it then. I know we both used ipa on the rails. Only way my husband figured out that it was due to how loose it was was because he happened to wiggle the left side towards him then away from him.