Lenovo Carbon X1 7th Gen no signs of life (interesting back story)

A friend of mine was updating his lenovo carbon and it was doing a bios update. Or perhaps even bios and firmware updates through the lenovo vantage app. It did the bios update and rebooted. It sat at a black scree for quite some time (an hour maybe) and my friend shut it off in an attempt to restart it. Afterwards it will not power on nor is there any indication of charging.

I plugged it up to my pinepower desktop and it showed 20v 0.1a. I am guessing there is some firmware that controls charging and power operations. I had the idea that perhaps the bios chip could be re flashed with a programmer but I would really be surprised if the BIOS controlled charging and turning the laptop on. I could be wrong though. I am going to hook it up to another power meter later to confirm the 0.1 amp draw.

I am new to all this and was just wondering if anyone had any advice or recommendations that I have not thought of. I pulled the battery and cmos battery and let it drain for some time thinking maybe the smc had freaked out.