Lenovo Legion Randomly Crashes

This issue has been occurring for about the past 6 months, where the laptop would randomly crash, either restarting itself or bluescreening. I couldn’t trace any of the error codes in event viewer to anything concrete, usually ending up with multiple different vague potential issues. A week ago I decided to freshly reinstall windows… but it crashed during the install process. I was forced to install windows off of a USB drive… but it crashed during that too, and wiped everything off the ssd and left me with a potentially corrupted windows. It continued to crash for the next few hours, and I’ve given up on it since it’s out of warranty. Is this even something I could get repaired?

Model: Legion 5-15ARH05H Laptop - Type 82B1

What you’re experiencing can have a thousand different causes, and without specific details it’ll be impossible to diagnose.

If you’re lucky, it’s a hardware problem in a replaceable medium like one of your ram blocks or on one of your drives. The OS should automatically isolate bad memory sectors at runtime, but I don’t actually know if does that during installation. You can try to by removing any additional hardware, like harddrives, wifi adapters, bluetooth?, antennas?, etc. If you have multiple memory cards, remove all but one in the second slot. Use a known good harddrive for installing the OS if you have one handy. If you have G-Sync, maybe even unplug the screen in favor of a hdmi (if it works.)
Go as barebones as possible, and if it still crashes, you probably need to try and find a replacement motherboard and CPU.

I forgot to say,
On laptops you need to replace the motherboard 9 times out of 10. It’s stupid, IK.
If you do want to replace the motherboard, Lenovo (Kind of) sells spare parts, so get in contact with them. That part would be (I think), #5B20Z23017 at 1400usd. But do ask them to confirm it’s the one.
Or just buy a new laptop.

Good luck.