Lenovo y510p laptop with nvidia geforce gt755m5 duel cards

tronicsfix can you help me i dot no what i have done i was installing drivers and updating the bios ect and now when i turn my laptop on it does this also on device manager i have a code 43 for my nvidia geforce gt755m5 card my laptop is a lenovo y510p with duel nvidia geforce gt755m5 cards here’s pics of what I mean or can anyone help me I have tryed uninstalling all drivers ect but nuthing even tryed to downgrade to windows 8 and that still didn’t fix it also windows 8.1 but nuthing it’s driving me mad as can’t get it to work it works perfectly when I remove the graphics card but laptops not as Fast or play games good when I don’t have the 2 cards in my laptop any help plz