Light static to flicker on screen (sometimes goes to black screen)

I bought a used ps4 slim for cheap from a guy saying it worked fine with no issues. I reset it to factory, updated it, played some games with no issues that I noticed. Transferred my data from my original ps4, and set started playing again. I hadn’t played much on it before the transfer, but I just noticed that it started doing this light static on the screen and then sometimes flickers and rarely goes to black screen. Interestingly, I tried the only thing I could find on youtube which was to go to Settings > sound and screen > Video Output Settings and then change the RGB Range from automatic to something else (or whatever it’s set to to something else)… And then the static and flickering goes away for the rest of the time I play (no matter how long). When I’m done playing, I’ll turn it off completely. Come back later and it happens again. Change the setting from what I changed it to, to something else… fixed. The problem presents itself about 95% of times I turn it on. I have done a DB rebuild. It sometimes presents itself 10 minutes into playing or an hour into playing. It sounds software related, but I could be wrong. I have a ton of experience with building and repairing PCs, but I’m new to repairing consoles. I’m really hoping this isn’t an APU issue. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried a different HDMI cable, or a different input on your TV? That’s where I would start before getting too deep.


That sounds like a cable issue…


Thanks for the tip. I seem to have narrowed it down. My setup is currently ps4 -> 4ft hdmi -> hdmi wall plate (Female to female connector) -> 6ft hdmi in wall -> tv (1080p). Using each cable alone between the ps4 and tv has no issue. I had another hdmi extension adapter (again hdmi female to female) and tried that and the problem presents itself again. So it seems there is signal degradation at the connector. My office that this setup resides in is still in the process of getting finished, and the eventual plan is to have an onkyo receiver (hdmi 1.4) in between the PS4 and the wall connector. I’m hoping that will boost the signal and prevent this issue from happening. I’ll give it a test tomorrow and see if that does the trick. Just seems weird that it consistently happens at about 5-10 minutes use, and then goes away either on its own or after changing that setting and doesn’t return again until the devices are turned off. Thank you so much for your help :smiley: cheers!

Final update: couldn’t wait to test it out, so I pulled out the receiver and it works perfect. So relieved it wasn’t an issue with the APU or anything like that. Thanks again!!


Ayyyy glad that it worked out, and always good to hear of people having a PS4 in their office! :stuck_out_tongue: