Lightning surge on ps4 pro, no display but playable via rplay

hello, good day!
i have a ps4 pro which was damaged due to a power outage in my area,
it shows no display, no sound, but it still lights up white on the console…
when i tried remote play i can play my ps4. what part should i focus in order to fix my console? hoping for your reply… thanks a lot…

Does it turn white or just pulse blue. If it turns white… then it burned the HDMI IC. Also, could have killed the Ethernet chip chip if it was plugged in and you were unlucky. What else burned in the process? Also, your TV could have a faulty HDMI IC. If it killed the PS4 IC then it could have done your TV the same… Seen really nasty electrical damages. Satisfying to fix.

all the damage was done only to the ps4.
i checked the tv, connected it to the stereo component and was detected, i could even do the usual things there like playing blue ray etc…

then i tried it to the ps4 pro again, it didnt detect the ps4, then i checked if i could connect to the ps4 pro via remote play on my phone, wallah! i can access everything on my ps4… so that means the internet on the ps4 was also not damaged right? the only problem is my ps4 is not being detected by my tv and computer monitor(i also checked it).

i ordered an HDMI chip online, then we replaced the old one which we assumed was damaged, and then tried to check if that worked, still it didnt work… so now im at a loss now… we also checked the emi filters if there are continuity in them and they have… the hdmi port is clean no chips whatsoever, but we didnt replace it… what could be the problem here?

hello. I,m having this exact problem also. I 've conected with 10 m long hdmi to monitor, and trying to reconect it with tv while ps4pro was on power, it was not showing picture. I did it becose at first it did not show picture on monitor, and i did this mistake , and somehow i’ve stil got black screen. Went to repair shoo, they replaced the ic chip with no succes. Other parts was diagnosed that is all good. The port is not showing fisical damage. I still can connect it with remote play. Donnt now should i go for second attemt to by new ic chip, or change the port, or both things. Any suggestion? thanks.