Liquid damaged switch, not powering on, charging 0.4A, hekate ok

I’ve got old model HAC-CPU-01 Switch. There were some minor liquid damage around 5 areas. After cleaning them, I do not see any major damage. However the switch won’t boot (black screen). If I plug low voltage battery the charging power is 0.15A (normal).

The eMMC initially gave “failed to init” but after some cleaning/soldering work I got the backup. Hekate runs fine and I don’t see any problems in the battery info

There was a small crack in MAX77621 (CPU buck). I don’t know what has caused this… The switch hadn’t been reworked before. This could be the culprit. I don’t however have this part to replace. One of the lines maybe give strange value (2.1V instead of 3.8V)

What do you guys think?

To answer my own question. The 3.8V is correct voltage for that rail. I replaced the buck chip and the switch is working fine now.