(Lite) Nintendo switch R button replacement repair

I ordered a replacement R button for a Nintendo is there any videos or website where I can see a step by step process on how to get this done.
Including the soldering, has anyone done this repair before? How’d it go

I posted images on Reddit of my problem and what part I ordered on R/console repair, I don’t know how to post images but yeah help would be appreciated

I have to do same work but I’m not experimented!
I’ll remove the bad button with heatgun, then clean the board , remove old solder, put new button in place and solder with iron with fine tip and flux (no heatgun there, I don’t want to melt my new button ).

For R-Button replacement for Nintendo Switches usually you need to place 2 wires on the button if the traces are gone (which usually is the case when it’s broken).

Unfortunately I haven’t found any R-Button replacement for the Nintendo Swite as the buttons are not compatible with the big brother.

For Nintendo Switch this might help:

I have done several shoulder button replacements on switch lites using original switch buttons. They work fine in my experience.

Would be great if this works - but in my case the buttons are too big to dit in the Lite… not suire if there are different revisions ?

The entire switch doesn’t fit in that recess, just the bottom of the switch. Should be a smaller rectangular plastic pad on the bottom of the switch that fits in that recess.

Well - seems you are fully right - maybe I was a little bit dumb last time and have not seen how to fix it :wink:
Just redone the work and looks ok - cannot test it, but I have a new spare part at least.

Looks perfect. Can’t imagine it not working.