Little IC by HDMI Port

Was wondering if anyone knows what this chip is called or who makes it. I am finding these will also cause no video output from the Console. I Have had 3 Xbox One S in a row with the same burnt out chip.

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Would be handy to know as well what it is, I’ve got a One S that I have replaced the Retimer on but still getting black screen (signal detected though) and I am thinking this part is also faulty

I would put my money on it being some sort of linear voltage regulator IC.

Currently working on a One S with no signal. Replaced the retimer with no change, then started looking into this, which is an STMicroelectronics HDMI2C4-5F2. The capacitor that filters the output to pin 18 on the HDMI connector was shorted to ground which made the IC fail. Have a few on order now which will hopefully fix this specific console. I replaced the capacitor with one from a donor board, but unfortunately I don’t have the value on hand at the moment. I will update later once my new meter that can measure capacitance arrives.

Just to update, I’m not sure on the cap value as it’s too low for my meter. Replacing this IC + the retimer got it working again.