Looking for a new optical drive for the Model 1540 Original XBox

Good evening, I am looking to replace a faulty optical drive in the XBox One I have. The XBox is out of warranty. I had thought it to be fully functional at the time I obtained the system, but some where along the line it decided to fail before I got to put my first disc in. The drive is a Model: DG-6M2S-01B. I have come to understand the daughter board will need to be swapped out or the laser lens will need to be replaced. I have not been able to find a trustworthy source for this model, but I have seen many listings for the DG-6M1S-01B. Are these two models compatible? If I were to purchase the “1S” model, would a daughter board from the “2S” work in it? If not, can someone point me to a source where I can get the “2S” model? Or perhaps a source for just the lens assembly portion? I am fully capable of performing the work to replace the parts, I just need a source for them. Any help would be grateful! Thanks!

Try ebay it’s where I source a lot of my console parts but you must keep the board from the old drive or you’ll start getting e1xx errors as the optical drive board is married to the motherboard

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PinkLightning, thanks for the response! I saw drives on Ebay, however the ones I am seeing are DG-6MS1-01B drives. Can you say if a daughter board from a DG-6M2S-01B is compatible with the DG-6MS1-01B drives?

Unsure it may i’ve never changed an xbox one drive before my xbox one motherboard failed before I could change the drive though it’s probably better to get a matching drive just to be sure

@DozingChance Yes both drives are interchangeable but you will need to swap the drive board from your unit and put it on the new drive.


rmac4411, thanks for the input! This makes me feel better about investing what little money I have into that particular model for replacement.

Fingers crossed that all goes well and I don’t get a case of twitchy hands while soldering the board in…or with the circuit tape for that matter.

Thanks again!

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@DozingChance no problem, you’ll be fine. Good luck with your project.

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I bought a 1540 xbone off ebay with a faulty disc drive.

Bought a new laser for 7 pounds. Took 30 mins to strip down, fit and reapply thermal paste. Very easy job. You do need to strip down the cd drive though. Look on you tube. Theres loads of tutorials on the subject

Thanks everyone for the input and info! I received the replacement drive and successfully performed the board swap. Everything is working good as new now! Good luck in your tech ventures!