Looking for a reputable place for graphics card repair

To make it short I have been trying for months to find a place that still does graphics card repair I have been recommended Northridge however they no longer do graphics card repair so my issue is I have a GTX Titan black edition and a basic GTX Titan both need repair not sure if possible however as my current circumstances I don’t have the proper space or tools nor do I trust myself to do the repairs myself as I have no idea what I’m doing
The issues are as follows
(p/n gtx Titan 699120830031710 H) titan black edition has artifacts on screen shortly after powering on and it does register in the device manager however it says device is faulty and it defults to the lowest resolution possible seems to work
(p/n 06G-P4-2791-KR) titan ran fine until one power up I hear a pop and smoke came from it as it looks like a power capacitor blew and other than that I can’t tell if it runs

It would help to know your location. I would expect that anyone close by might be able to help.


I’m am in Colorado 4 corners area