Looking for Cap value (shorted), near ALC5639

Hello everyone,
i have a switch that has no power and is not charging. I found a shorted caps near M92T36 and P13USB. Shorts were still present after removing the chips. So i injected some voltage to the board and found a shorted cap in the region of the ALC5639 Chip. After removing it the short was gone. Unfortunately this is my only private switch and i have no donor board around. Hope that anybody can share the value of the cap? Looks like the size is 0603 or even 0805.

It seems as new user i’m not allowed to post links or pictures :frowning:
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Red marked one is the one i’m looking for.

22uF_6.3v 0603
4v rated might work as well But 6.3v might have more choice

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