Looking for infos about Joycon circuit on Switch Mainboard

i recently gifted a friend of mine with an unpatched switch. before i installed a trinket and changed the joycon rails. everything was working fine. today he told me that suddenly both joycons lost connection during wireless gameplay. since then only the left joycon is detected and usable. but only when connected to the switch via joycon rail. wireless it doesnt work anymore. tried another known good joycon. same result. so i took the switch apart and had to find out that the f… left joycon rail flexcabel apperently was to stiff, moved over time and shorted the left joycon flex connector. so my question is: is there a circuite diagram of the joycon cicuite for the switch mainboard. do anyone have an idea which ics i should replace etc?

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The joycon flex is a bit weird in how it has to be routed in order to plug in straight, it should look like this, with a little loop in it.

Will have a think about next thing to try,but i would start by checking if there is a diode up by the fan, and check if it is shorted.

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thx. i know. i took the foto just for illustration. it was bend exactly like yours but still the flex was apperently to stiff or maybe the connector too week. i dont know.

It seems very weird to me that it would knock out the ability for them to work via bluetooth as well. Is it still able to connect to wifi?

Hello! were you able to find any solution? I have the same problem! the right joycon does not make a connection to the rail and the motherboard connector area is a bit damaged.

sry for the late response. im in the middle of a relocation. wifi does work and weirdly enough all problems went away for an evening without me doing anything. i just had the battery removed for a few days. the next morning the problem occured again…