Lost ic by charge port on Nintendo switch

I was trying to teach a friend how to change his usb c. But he some how blew the small chip off. Now i can’t find it anywere. So can some on tell me if these are the same on all switch boards that are older like before the switch lites. Because I’ve seen them labeled c7 and dug and I dont know what his was labeled since he blew it off before i could look at it. The only donor board I could take it from is a hac-cpu-10 but the original board I need it for is a hac-cpu-20 I cant put images but its the part above the fy on the back side of the board to the left of the charger port

That’s not a populated part on both boards I have sitting near me.

What version boards are they mine is a hac-cpu-20

both are HAC-CPU-20s.