Lost one capacitor

Hi guys,

I recently bought a defective Nintendo Switch and tried to replace the M92T36 chip and the charging socket.
This all worked without any problems, but I noticed that I lost a capacitor in the process.
Unfortunately, I do not have much experience and do not know which one I need to reorder.

Would someone with more knowledge, take a quick look at the photo and possibly tell me what kind of capacitor I lost in the first place?

Maybe this could help:

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Hey calvin. Quick question. Do you have a diode reading for switch lite ? Bought a water damaged switch lite. Dont know where to start.

The part missing is capacitor 0201 0.12uf. I could not really find in on mouser ?

No. I only made a diode mode map for the Switch.

I would take a 10V 0.1µF MLCC with 20% tolerance.

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