Loud pop noise. No power

Had just turned my console on played for about 10 minutes and there was a loud pop noise. The console shut off and would not turn back on. I got no power. What are my options. Would this just be the power supply ?

If you have it under warranty - RMA it immidiately. If not - get it to somewhere, where they can diagnose power issue. If you heard distinct pop, i would say, its probably one of the caps in the PSU. Was it really loud pop, or a smaller pop? If it was really loud pop, it could be that big chunky capacitor on the PSU. Either way - if you are not skilled enough to replace the caps - take it somewhere, and get it done, or alternatively replace the whole PSU. But please. Do not work on the power components yourself if you don’t know what you are doing!
Edit: Also don’t keep it under power, it can only damage PSU further!

Thank you, not under warranty. I talked to a friend and he has a console with other issues he has just dubbed a parts machine. I went and picked that up and the PSU is a 5 pin where mine is a 4. I’m going to contact some repair shops and see what they can do. Also looking at his “parts machine” it seems that just needs a new HDMI.

Good shop can redo HDMI on PS4 easily. Just do your research on the shops around, and find the one woth good reputation. Otherwise mediocre quality shop can only worsen the situations.

Turns out it was the PSU. I bought the new part and put it in and it powered on fine. A few loading screens because of the improper shut off but either than that everything was normal. Thanks for all the help.