M92t36 5pin 6pin

Hi guys
m92t36 5pin 5v
6pin 0.4v is detected
Somewhere short
Where to check
m92t36 chip is ok
Do you know anyone?

with the power supply connected ?

If you connect the power supply without the battery, 5v comes out of 5pin.
6pin 0v
Now plug in the battery and plug in the power supply, 5pin 6pin
3.3v should come out
Stay 5pin 5v
6pin 0.4v comes out

Battery and plug the power supply, 5pin 6pin

I found out the cause of my friend
When connecting a power supply, 5 6 pin 3.3v causes
This is due to the breakage of the pattern.
The m92t36 will not work properly if it is broken
This pattern seems to go somewhere in NAND soc but I can’t find a replacement point

Bad news…It doesn’t look good at all