M92t36 Blows everytime I plug in a charger

Hello all I have a switch in the workshop that has me stumped so Looking for a bit of info from a fellow repairer to see if they can shed any light?

Here’s the background on it. Switch comes in unable to charge. usb port is perfect inside and out, test around mt92t36 for shorts bingo ok blown chip I’ll replace that as usual easy… ok didn’t have any left in my drawer so order a couple, they arrive the next day, go to fit, simple straight forward swap no issues. Plug in charger no voltage going through to battery terminal, hmmm that’s strange double check chip alignment ect DOH! supplier has sent me the wrong chip M92T17 ok never mind I’ll order some more and replace no drama.

So replaced with the right chip, still no power and the short is back, remove chip, no short replace chip again plug in same again blows my chip every time ahhhhhhhhh.

So anyone know what could potentially could be the problem? Do you think putting on the wrong chip could of caused this issue? I don’t want to replace the chip anymore until I find out the cause as I’ve killed 5 chips.

It will switch on with a charged battery but it will error to 2101-0001.


It might be worth checking the mosfets surrounding the M92 IC, I believe Calvin has provided diode maps for this area which will help give you an idea if they’re good in circuit… sorry you’ll have to search the forum for these as i don’t know where they are off the top of my head.

Might also be worthwhile using an M92 IC from a donor to rule out dodgy used parts (typical), a few people have suggested there might also be fakes floating about for this IC, i haven’t yet verified this myself. Don’t apply power until you know for sure everything tests fine.