M92t36 capacitors

so, the thing is that one of the capacitors (the1/2.2uf 6.3v 0402 ones), specifically the one that it’s next to the 100k 50mw 0201 resistor in the line, read that has short but not so big, does it still being a bad sign? it reads that 0.2 volts on the multimeter are passing thru (in short seeking mode)

Do you have a picture of the capacitor in question?

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third one from left to right

If any of those caps have a short to ground,I would replace M92, or is it still short with M92 removed?

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that was a reference image, m92 still on it’s side

Then i would remove m92 and see if the short clears.

yup, shorts clears rn, i think i will replace it and that’s it

Replace M9 but also check the charging port. Take cause and effect into account here. Often times M9 fails due to a mangled charging port.