M92T36 Chip Removal help

Hello i would like some help and advice with removing this chip, i cant seem to get it out, ive set the 420 celcius and applied plenty of flux with the station blowing air at a speed of 50, but still nothing. I am a complete beginner to this so any advice would be appreciated I am using a Yihua 862bd+ and the flux i am Applying is Yaxun Flux type: Yx-223.

You can easily set 450 degrees. Insulate all around so as not to migrate litle caps near the chip and flux more.

Thanks, my other question is, will i need to apply new solder to install a new ship?

No you don’t just make sure it flows well however we’re you able to solve this problem as I’m having exact same problem canr seem to remove anything from the board

Unfortunately,no i tried upping the air volume and the temp a bit aswell as adding more flux and it still wont budge. I am not sure what i am doing wrong.

I am also gonna try using the max heat my rework station can muster and try again.

Ye same exact problem here i thought it was my rework station so I ordered a new one then I ordered amtech flux and still no luck like wtf?!?!?

tell me how it goes, i will try again my magnifying glass arrives and i can see a little better if the solder is shiny.

you have to place your heat gun tip not more than 5cm from the board, and keep moving it around the chip, it’s going to take some time for original solder to melt, it can take around 40sec to 1min, main thing here is to keep a constant flow around the chip to whole area heats up and melt at the same time… i usually did this with a cheap chinese workstation… it’s not about the equipment, it’s about the technic… always the first time seems to be impossible…

you absolutley need a microscope for this job, if removing this chip seems complicated, i’d like to see you guys trying to solder your new one to the board, that’s even harder to do it correctly…

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Well is my personal switch, so no worries if it gets worse, but more or less what nozzle size do u use and what temp?

i use the bigger nozzle ( around 7mm to 9mm), to heat up more area faster, i use 420 on my Quick station, but with the chinese stations i always used 450, air speed around half the way…

Apreciate all the advice given thanks very much, i will continue trying until i get a bit better at this. i am probably gonna practice desoldering laptop components before trying again tho.

i managed to remove the old chip using 420 Celsius, and all the shorted capacitors are working now,but it seems that wasnt the only issue, but at least now i know how to solder stuff for the future.