M92T36 ripped pad

Hey guys, I got this nintendo switch that has a ripped pad around m92t36. I looked everywhere and can’t find any info on it. I attached a picture of it. It seems like its XCLPOFF2 according to a pinout pic I found on gbatemp. I tried looking at balikas interactive board layers but I don’t see where it goes. The switch works otherwise but doesn’t charge. Any help is greatly appreciated!
imgur(.) com / rmUoOJu

doesnt look its connected anywhere, most likely not your issue.

That’s what I thought by I wasn’t sure. I checked for shorts around the usual suspects bq, m92 and p13 but everything checks out. Image was displaying on the tv so I assumed p13 was fine. I noticed it was showing as charging only from one side and even then, the battery would not charge. I figured it might be m92 so I replaced it. I also replaced the usbc port and the bq chip but still the same. I reflowed the chip and now I’m getting error 2101-0001.

if you’re getting 2100-0001 then either the replacement chip is faulty / fake or your soldering needs attention.

Turns out that torn pad had a scratch under and the pad on the m92 seemed to be shorting to ground. The chip was still good though. I took it off and soldered back on and now everything works!