MacBook Pro 13” Retina (model A1425)

Hi there

I have a MacBook Pro with power problems. From one day to the other it started randomly shutting down, giving me no warning at all beforehand. Sometimes it can be on for 2 minutes, sometimes 40 minutes or more. I have ruled out the power adapter not to be the issue. Several people that knows a thing or two about fixing laptops and phones have looked at it, but never found anything. And since I don’t have warranty applied to it anymore, I can’t send it in for repair.
Do you have any kind of idea of what might be wrong with it or how it can be fixed? Maybe I can send it to you?
Looking forward to your reply.

Signe Lindvang

I think given the symtoms and given your experience level it would be extremely difficult to diagnose and/or repair this laptio remotely.

Diagnosis would involve checking various rails, require certain tools and a fundamental knowledge of working on these machines.

Judging by your name your from Germany? I would offer to repair this for you but i think by the time you pay for postage, potential parts and repair and return postage you will have exceeded the overall value of the item making it not worth it.

Anyway let me know if i can help some other way.