Macbook Pro 2016 A1706 No Image, No HDMI Output, No Chime

A1706 came in for flexgate issue… I replaced the screen and forgot to disconnect the battery. Now new screen shows no back light, no video also no external video with HDMI. Fans spin and track pad works… I took board out but I can’t find any signs of a blown anything… Where should I start to get to the problem of this? Thank you so much.
i also dont have access to shemactics so if you can screen shot me somthing that would be much apprecaited.

Update of the case

So after i checked couple caps and mosfet on the A1706 mackbook pro touchbar, i found out that there mosfet near the cpu that have go hot
![Screenshot 2024-05-02 at 16.16.06|690x431]

the mosfet that getting hot i mention before was the U7210 and U7220, i dont really understand how to check if that mosfet is good or bad. I checking some caps that in line with that mosfet and there was no short in the line. Sorry for my bad english spealing, please help i dont know what else i can check in the board Thank You