Macbook pro late 2008 repair tools

So far i have failed to remove the screws on a pro book lid hinges.Every tool i buy for torx screws fails.I borrowed a ifixit tool from a friend and it stripped.Is there a way to loosen the screws without drilling them out,It seems like chrome vanadium tool tips is not working,they all strip horribly.
How can i loosen these screws or what tool you suggest.

Never had an issue my end with the most basic set of torx drivers from ebay (red/plastic handle) and same again with your generic torx (i’m guessing iron) bit sets which work fine.

As for how to get out screws which are rounded/stripped. best way is either grinding some flats onto some cheap side cutters for some high pressure pliers (if you can get a hold of the head) or getting one of those poly/acrylic BIC pens, removing ink tube and melting the end until soft and jammit in the screw head to take it’s shape. Next option would be to dremel a slot into the screw head and removing with a slotted bit. - failing that your left with trying to bang in the next size up torx and failing that then like you said just drilling the head off.

Ifixit tools are junk :frowning:

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This is a huge problem as my customer is waiting.I think there is something wrong with the screw holes or it ws fixed before and epoxy was inserted in it or locktite glue or something,I have never come across these 6 screws thats so tight it snaps sh1t right off.
I guessi am gonna have to drill the heads off and use a stock and dye to borrow into the broken part and scew it out.
i wonder if a pen and loctite superglue on the head will make it turn but ginna need a t bar…lol to turn that

A lot of macboks use the blue locktight (or equivelent) on the screws but it’s not that tough to break. If your suspecting that the user used something more permanent on the screws then just rest your soldering iron on the screw heads for a bit to break the seal just prior to turning and that should do it.

also just to note, the more modern macs use the star or pentalobe heads which look like torx but actually aren’t and require a dedicated driver bit - given you said 2008 i’d guess not that case but worth mentioning.