Microscope question for a noob

So I purchased a microscope because I wanted to start getting more advanced with repairing electronics. I purchased this Amscope but cannot for the life of me get both of my eyes to see thru. I’m a complete newbie to microscopes so I’m sorry if this is a dumb question. I can see out of my right eye but nothing Thru my left and vice versa. Any advice I’d appreciate so much. If this isn’t a good microscope I can return and try another based on your recommendation. Thank you.

AmScope SM-4B Is the name. The forum won’t let me post links yet.

just below each eyepiece there is two sections which they sit on, they lever (kind of left and right) so you can set the center point for your eyes, if it’s too far one way or the other you may not be able to see out one eye. Sometimes this mechanism can be a bit stiff so it’s not always obvious it has this functionality

Thanks for your response! Do you think this a good model in your opinion? I also got the Quick 861DW hot air station as well.

No worries.

I think all Amscopes trinocular range are identical, if there are differences I imagine it will relate to the stand or accessories and whatnot.

As for the scope in general, yeah they’re good, albeit overpriced, Amscope just stick there badge on it, these scopes are identical to the ones from china. The cast iron stands they come with though are good heavy duty stands and operate smoothly