Mising capacitors nintendo switch lite

Hello fellow nintendo friends. I was re-soldering my memory chip. when I was done the clamp of the holder shot loose and tapped these parts off :weary: Can someone help me with what the values ​​are?

From my readings from a classic Switch the big cap should be 0805 47µF and the little cap right from it 0201 0.1 µF.

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Hi Calvin . Thank you for your reply I will order this. regards robert.

Hi Calvin , How many volts are the capacitors? mvg Robert.

If I recall correctly these caps are memory rail related (though someone correct me if I’m wrong) so I’d imagine they’re about 5V rated, or 6.2V (or whatever) will be fine as memory voltage rail is quite a bit sub this.


Good news, it works, thanks for your help.