Missing capacitor?

So I had an old switch lying around that would not charge or power on. Replaced the m92t36 chip and I have verified the battery is charging, but nothing displays on the screen. I looked over the board, and I think a capacitor may have blown off while replacing the chip, located on the right top of the m9 chip. Any help would be appreciated or where I can maybe purchase a replacement. Just to note, I am a beginner with soldering and im just trying to teach myself stuff. Im not worried If i cant fix the switch(i have an extra v1, lite and OLED that work perfectly), its just something I figured I would try my hands at. It wont let me add an image or post a link to an image on my post, so hopefully someone can still help. :sweat:


It should be a 0402 1µF cap. According to the datasheet and my measurement.



Would that be it?

No. This cap sees 15V. So the rating should be over 15V. Next regular voltage step is 25V.
0402 1µF 25V